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From a legal standpoint, the internationalization of a company involves everything from preparing and drawing up different types of contracts that cover the particular aspects of implementation in different countries, trade between trading companies of different nationalities, disputes arising between parties from different nations and the resolution thereof.

When developing the legal bases of company internationalization, the fundamental legal concepts in international trade must be taken into consideration: in the case of export, the company exports directly via an international purchase and sale contract, via a distributor or via an agent with the application of customs rules and/or restrictions; certain corporate agreements are also necessary, which can be adopted by the company if it intends to stay in another territory; and it is advisable to take into account the tax aspect of these operation, in particular how Double Taxation Treaties work.

Therefore, our firm offers to clients our experience in this field, especially with countries in America, and we guide our clients through the complex process of corporate internationalization and, once the objectives and specific markets are determined based on the characteristics of the goods and services of each one, we provide legal and financial support in areas such as international investments, company acquisitions (buying/selling companies, purchase/sale ledgers, due diligence, corporate finance, etc.), implementation of corporate structures and/or business abroad, obtainment of the necessary permits and qualifications where needed, etc.

To this end, the firm has a wide network of associates in different countries and thus can offer its clients direct local contacts, with “bilingual” intermediaries who are well aware of the socioeconomic and legal reality of both ends (link to the international associates page).

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